Does your office take insurance? +

We accept all insurances. As a courtesy to you, we will file your insurance for our services. We are not accepting new patients with Medicaid at this time.

How do I make an appointment? +

To make an appointment with our office, you will need to contact our office via telephone or after filling out our contact form, we can contact you. This information is located under the ‘contact us’ tab on our website.

Are you accepting new patients? +

Absolutely. We are always eager to meet and serve new patients. To learn how to become a patient here, see the ‘contact us’ tab on our website.

Can I make payments? +

We understand that the investment involved with certain dental services can be large enough that having it broken down into payments would be convenient. We want to encourage our patients to receive the optimal care for their oral health, so there are some payment options our office has available. Our office manager would be happy to review them with anyone who is interested. Patients can apply for credit here or here

Do you whiten teeth? +

Our office does offer an ‘at home’ tooth whitening system. To learn more about it (and to see if it is right for you) we encourage you to speak to one of the doctors or hygienists at your exam appointment.

What are your sterilization procedures? +

Our office follows all of the OSHA guidelines providing the healthiest environment possible. If you have an interest in seeing how these are carried out, please ask.

What are your office hours? +

The doctors want to make your visit as convenient as possible. Because of this, the office is open from 7am to 7pm Monday through Thursday. On Friday the hours are from 7am to 12pm.

Do you see children? +

Our dental office enjoys seeing the whole family. In addition, our dental office has a close relationship with a dentist specializing in this field that provides treatment for cases outside our realm of expertise that we can refer to.

Does your office provide sedation? +

Yes. In addition to the normal anesthetics that are used, we have nitrous oxide available. While this does not provide complete sedation, it can help provide the anxious patient a more enjoyable experience. To learn more about this service and other possible options please ask one of the doctors at your next visit.